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Why I Dropped $25 on the AT-AT Popcorn Bucket

Why I Dropped $25 on the AT-AT Popcorn Bucket

I thought this lil guy was overpriced, until...

I thought this lil guy was overpriced, until...

After months of solid resistance, I couldn't take it anymore. I turned to the Dark Side and all it's salty, adorable power. Those $25.00 AT-AT popcorn buckets at Hollywood Studios had been calling my name for months.

"No", I'd say, and turn up my nose at the prospect of purchasing a plastic popcorn bucket that wasn't even refillable. I didn't need anymore nick-knacks in my life and this big, Pomeranian-sized "bucket" certainly doesn't fit into a minimalist lifestyle.

So, in the face of a totally rational financial decision, naturally, I started to rationalize why I should buy it. Soon I was slowly slipping the Star Wars emblazoned ribbon around my neck like it was my coronation, trying my best to not spill what must have counted as $10 worth of popcorn.

The Star Wars AT-AT Popcorn Bucket: Why I Gave in and Bought It

It's Articulated, Baby

This AT-AT is far beyond the caliber of a McDonald's Happy Meal toy, which honestly is what I was expecting. The legs and gunning stations on the AT-AT make this like a big action figure... if I'm going to pay $25 for any souvenir at Disney World, let it be a giant one.

Compared to the toys and decor in the Star Wars shops, this is actually a good deal.

Legit Star Wars Decor

Even if I don't play with it, I can use it as a cool decoration, with storage. With its size and poseability, this would look great near my coffee table. Pop a cup in him and he will hold your pens, forks and cardboard straws. 

I'm Going to Turn Him into a Planter

AT-AT Popcorn Bucket.jpg

Here's the plan

...why he's really worth it.

Hear me out. I have a drill at home (a cheap one from Ikea) which could easily make short work of the thin plastic floor of the AT-AT's body (don't tell him).

After adding drainage holes, I can fill him up with soil and add whatever succulents or small flowering plants I'd like. He has a lot of space inside beyond the popcorn hatch. I could even use a Dremel saw to slice open a few of his panels and pop in some succulents.

An easier route would be to just open up that top hatch and fit in a small potted plant. We'll see what I come up with, but whatever it is, I'd say this is actually a pretty cheap and versatile Star Wars plant pot. He's going to look great on my back porch.

Last month, I was scoffing at the popcorn stand, too much of a budgeting diva to give in to temptation. But now that I sported this lil guy around the park for a day, I'm convinced. Stay tuned to see his transformation into a planter!

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