How do I turn printable files into cool cruise door decorations like everybody else?

How do I turn printable files into cool cruise door decorations like everybody else?

Here’s How to Make Disney Cruise Door Magnets

I get this question more than any other: How do I turn instant downloads into cruise door magnets? Well, it’s easy, and really a lot cheaper than you think.

✨ Easy and Cheap: Paper and Magnets

Add sticky-back magnet tape to the back (can be found at Walmart for about $4 a roll).

This is the easiest and most inexpensive way to add door decorations, but the paper could get damaged in luggage, so put them in a folder when you pack.

✨ Durable and Still Cheap: Add Contact Paper

Print and sandwich between sheets of clear contact paper. Add magnet tape to the back. This will help protect the edges and keep them from curling.

✨ More work, But Will Last Forever: Laminated

Print and add tape to the back to join pieces (if needed). Take your design to an office supply store to be laminated, or if you are an office nerd like me, on your home laminating machine.

Add sticky magnets to the back. I personally don’t like laminated designs… they are difficult to photograph due to the hallway lighting reflecting off of the plastic.

✨ Probably Unnecessary Magnet Paper

You can buy magnetic paper that will feed into your home printer. Here are the reasons I don’t advise it:

  • Some home printers don’t like to accept this kind of paper

  • It can be pricey for just a few sheets, and

  • You don’t have to have magnetic material all over the back to make the ears stick.

I say go with one of the methods listed above instead of using magnetic paper. A few strategically placed sticky magnets are more than enough to do the trick!

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